200 Club

200 Club

CLIMB ABOARD AND JOIN THE 200 CLUB! Have some fun with a monthly flutter, and raise some funds for your club in the process.
For just £2 per month, or £24/year you can be included in a monthly draw.
This is a 50/50 scheme with 50% of the funds being paid out in prizes.

Phone Chris Bamford (01276 78044 or 07899 927647) about joining, or e-mail him on: christopherbamford@btinternet.com to receive an application form. Please see the scheme's rules at the end of this page

Xmas Draw 2023

Iain Finnie120£67.50
Chris Gibson26£33.75
Brian Holland54£20.25

December 2023

Emma Williamson91£49.00
Jacquie Chamberlain47£24.50
Simon Olsen125£14.70

November 2023

Neil Doody43£49.00
Mark Lucas82£24.50
Dave Matthews89£14.70

October 2023

Sarah-Jane Gasser39£49.00
Bridget Batey23£24.50
Chris Gibson45£14.70

September 2023

Derek Olsen16£50.50
Ian Heustice20£25.25
Roger Chamberlain85£15.15

August 2023

David Hearn71£50.50
Bill Murray27£25.25
Derek Olsen25£15.15

July 2023

Simon Olsen125£50.50
Jenny Gibson38£25.25
Bill Murray12£15.15

June 2023

Derek Olsen148£51.50
Simon Olsen126£25.75
Emma Williamson109£15.50

May 2023

Doug Fish96£51.50
Ian Heustice20£25.75
Brian Holland56£15.50

April 2023

Chris Lee93£51.50
A Fuller107£25.75
Amy Chamberlain94£15.50

March 2023

Nick Kendrick-Thomas90£51.50
Mark Lucas82£25.75
Duncan Chamberlain94£15.50

February 2023

Chris Gibson52£51.50
John Carpenter80£25.75
Derek Olsen68£15.50

January 2023

Simon Olsen127£51.50
Chris Gibson10£25.75
Brian Holland61£15.50


Xmas 2022

Duncan Chamberlain94£68.75
Simon Olsen126£34.25
Bob Alldiss51£20.50

December 2022

Derek Olsen25£51.50
Derek Olsen148£25.75
Jacquie Chamberlain91£15.50

November 2022

Nick Kendrick-Thomas90£51.50
Ken Wharton103£25.75
Mike Mawtus70£15.50

October 2022

Roger Berry64£51.50
Howard Ford99£25.75
David Hearn71£15.50

Sept 2022

George Gould105£51.50
Brian Holland35£25.75
Harry Fish44£15.50

Aug 2022

Chris Lee32£51.50
Derek Olsen147£25.75
Derek Olsen145£15.50

July 2022

Brian Holland66£51.50
Jacquie Chamberlain3£25.75
Chris Gibson26£15.50

June 2022

R Kendrick-Thomas18£52.50
Jacqui Chamberlain3£26.25
Howard Ford100£15.75

May 2022

Brian Holland61£52.50
Brian Holland59£26.25
Jenny Gibson57£15.75

April 2022

Derek Olsen147£52.50
Alan Forfar76£26.25
Anthony Bentham95£15.75

March 2022

Derek Olsen16£52.50
M O'Connor123£26.25
Kate Sarnicki13£15.75

Feb 2022

Brian Holland81£52.50
Jacqui Chamberlain47£26.25
Simon Olsen125£15.75

Jan 2022

Brian Holland35£50.00
Derek Olsen8£25.00
Jacqui Chamberlain47£15.00

Xmas 2021

Peter Peel46£72.00
Mike Courtness4£36.00
Kate Sarnicki (née Chapman)13£21.60

December 2021

M O'Connor123£54.00
Rusty Smith114£27.00
Howard Ford99£16.25

November 2021

Howard Ford99£54.00
Norman Borrett86£27.00
Mark Cowley98£16.25

Oct 2021

Harry Gibson38£54.00
Kate Sarnicki (née Chapman)14£27.00
Nick Kendrick-Thomas90£16.25

Sept 2021

Brian Holland67£54.00
Derek Olsen58£27.00
Roger Berry64£16.25

August 2021

Bill White97£54.00
Kate Chapman19£27.00
Brian Holland56£16.25

July 2021

Ian Heustice20£54.00
Derek Olsen146£27.00
Gus Bartlett11£16.25

Camberley RFC 200 Club Results

June 2021

Simon Olsen125£54.00
Jacqui Chamberlain3£27.00
Jacqui Chamberlain109£16.25

May 2021

Malcolm Hitchman31£54.00
Mark Cowley98£27.00
Derek Olsen147£16.25

April 2021

Kate Chapman19£54.00
Sarah Jane Gasser39£27.00
Howard Ford99£16.25

March 2021

Nick Carbury60£54.00
Doug Fish96£27.00
Bridget Batey23£16.25

February 2021

Brian Holland66£54.00
Geoff Escott6£27.00
Peter Peel144£16.25

January 2021

Chris Gibson52£54.00
Ian Heustice9£27.00
Bill Fleming22£16.25

Xmas 2020

Labib Kawar137£72.00
Chris Gibson26£36.00
Derek Olsen25£21.50

December 2020

D S Hanlon113£54.00
Steve Harvey30£27.00
Brian Holland35£16.25

November 2020

acqui Chamberlain3£54.00
Antony Bentham95£27.00
Nick Carbury42£16.25

October 2020

Simon Olsen126£54.00
Brian Holland66£27.00
Duncan Chamberlain94£16.25

September 2020

Gus Bartlett11£54.00
Bill Murray27£27.00
Ken Wharton103£16.25

August 2020

Brian Holland54£54.00
Derek Olsen147£27.00
Norman Borrett88£16.25

July 2020

Malcolm Hitchman31£54.00
Simon Olsen128£27.00
Chris Lee32£16.25

June 2020

Howard Ford99£54.00
Chris Lee32£27.00
R Kendrick-Thomas17£16.25

May 2020

Bill Murray27£54.00
Dave Matthews89£27.00
Malcolm Hitchman31£16.25

April 2020

Derek Olsen146£54.00
Derek Olsen145£27.00
Ken Wharton103£16.25

March 2020

Derek Olsen25£54.00
I Wing62£27.00
Gwynne Evans110£16.25

February 2020

Nick Kendrick-Thomas90£54.00
Chris Gibson45£27.00
John Carpenter80£16.25

January 2020

Mark Cowley98£54.50
Doug Fish96£27.25
Roger Berry64£16.25

Xmas 2019

R Kendrick-Thomas18£67.00
D McCartthy133£33.50
Chris Gibson26£20.10

Dec 2019

Derek Olsen72£54.50
Gus Bartlett11£27.00
Simon Olsen128£16.50

Nov 2019

Sarah Jane Gasser39£54.50
Rusty Smith114£27.00
D McCarthy 133£16.50

Oct 2018

Simon Olsen128£54.50
Derek Olsen148£27.00
Derek Olsen8£16.50

Sept 2019

A Chamberlain24£53.50
Mark Cowley98£26.50
Rusty Smith114£16.00


August 2019

Brian Holland65£51.00
I Wing62£25.50
Howard Ford99£15.00

July 2019

Roger Chamberlain85£50.00
Brian Holland61£25.00
Brian Holland65£15.00

June 2019

Bill Murray12£50.00
Derek Olsen72£25.00
David Hearn71£15.00

May 2019

Brian Holland35£49.00
Chris Lee32£24.50
Brian Holland54£14.50

April 2019

Brian Connolly40£46.50
Howard Ford99£23.00
M O'Connor123£14.00

March 2019

Chris Gibson45£46.50
Roger Chamberlain85£23.00
Bill Fleming22£14.00

February 2019

Brian Holland56£46.50
Derek Olsen72£23.00
Harry Fish28£14.00

January 2019

Howard Ford99£46.50
R Kendrick-Thomas18£23.00
Chris Gibson10£14.00

Xmas 2018

Dave Matthews89£62.00
Labib Kawar137£31.00
A Fuller107£18.50

December 2018

Chris Gibson52£46.50
Norman Borrett86£23.00
Chris Gibson10£14.00

November 2018

Ian Heustice9£46.50
Chris Gibson26£23.50
Malcolm Hitchman31£14.00

October 2018

Ian Heustice9£47.00
Rusty Smith114£23.50
M O'Connor123£14.00

September 2018

Brian Holland61£47.00
John Carpenter80£23.50
Iain Finnie120£14.00

August 2018

Ian Heustice20£49.00
Geoff Escott5£24.50
Derek Olsen73£14.70

July 2018

Harry Gibson38£49.00
Neil Doody43£24.50
Labib Kawar135£14.70

June 2018

Roger Berry64£49.00
R Kendrick-Thomas18£24.50
Mike Courtness4£14.70

May 2018

Sarah Jane Gasser39£49.00
Derek Olsen73£24.50
Billy White97£14.70

April 2018

Jacqui Chamberlain55£49.00
Derek Olsen25£24.50
Derek Olsen74£14.70

March 2018

Jacqui Chamberlain109£49.00
Howard Ford99£24.50
Kate Chapman14£14.70

Feb 2018

I Wing62£49.00
Chris Gibson26£24.50
Jacqui Chamberlain91£14.70

Jan 2018

Derek Olsen58£47.50
Chris Lee77£23.75
Nick Kendrick-Thomas90£14.25

Xmas 2017

Harry Gibson38£63.00
Mark Cowley98£32.00
Chris Gibson10£19.00

December 2017

Rusty Smith114£47.50
Geoff Escott5£23.75
Doug Fish96£14.25

November 2017

Harry Fish44£47.50
Brian Holland66£23.75
Derek Olsen72£14.25

Ocober 2017

Chris Lee49£47.50
Gillian Kyle2£23.75
BM Saunders78£14.25

September 2017

Harry Gibson38£47.50
John Carpenter80£23.75
Brian Holland54£14.25

August 2017

Roger Berry64£47.50
Jenny Gibson57£23.75
Brian Holland81£14.25

July 2017

Chris Lee93£47.50
I S Wing62£23.75
Jacqui Chamberlain55£14.25

June 2017

Kate Chapman14£47.50
Brian Holland65£23.75
Peter Peel144£14.25

May 2017

Chris Gibson52£47.50
John Carpenter80£23.75
Nick Carbury42£14.25

April 2017

Doug Fish96£47.50
Alan Forfar76£23.75
Bill Murray12£14.25

March 2017

Jacqui Chamberlain3£48
John Carpenter80£24
Harry Fish44£14

February 2017

Mark Cowley98£49
Labib Kawar135£24
Howard Ford99£15

January 2017

Labib Kawar135£49
D McCarthy133£24
Chris Gibson10£15

Christmas 2016

Ron Tilston139£63
Kate Chapman13£32
D. McCarthy133£19

December 2016

Chris Lee93£48
David Stone115£24
Jacqui Chamberlain47£14

November 2016

Mike Courtness4£48
A Fuller107£24
Derek Olsen74£14

October 2016

Brian Holland61£47
Derek Olsen58£23
Peter Peel46£14

September 2016

Bill Fleming33£45
Brian Holland65£23
Geoff Escott5£13

August 2016

Jacqui Chamberlain91£45
Derek Olsen8£23
I Wing62£13

July 2016

Harry Fish28£45
Chris Gibson52£23
Nick Carbury42£13

June 2016

Chris Gibson45£45
A Chamberlain24£23
Brian Holland54£13

May 2016

Harry Gibson38£45
Kim Johnson92£23
Labib Kawar135£13

April 2016

Derek Olsen73£45
Derek Olsen68£23
Brian Connolly40£13

March 2016

M O'Connor123£45
Brian Holland81£23
Mark Lucas82£13

February 2016

Derek Olsen73£45
Gillian Kyle2£23
Brian Holland56£13

January 2016

Peter Peel46£45
Ron Danaher117£23
Nick Kendrick-Thomas104£13

Xmas Draw 2015

Derek Olsen8£60
Kate Chapman13£30
Labib Kawar135£18

December 2015

Jacqui Chamberlain3£45
Chris Lee32£23
Chris Hicks102£13

November 2015

Malcolm Hitchman31£46
Jacqui Chamberlain47£23
Bill Murray27£14

October 2015

A Fuller107£46
Derek Olsen8£23
Doug Fish96£14

September 2015

Mark Cowley98£46
Ian Lockett37£23
Malcolm Hitchman31£14

August 2015

DS Hanlon113£46
Nick Carbury60£23
Brian Holland54£14

July 2015

A Fuller107£46
Malcolm Hitchman31£23
R Kendrick-Thomas18£14

June 2015

Geoff Escott5£46
Mark Lucas82£23
David Hearns71£14

May 2015

Doug Fish96£46
Malcolm Hitchman31£23
Ken Wharton103£14

April 2015

David Hearn71£46
Jacqui Chamberlain91£23
Bill Fleming33£14

March 2015

Labib Kawar135£46
Mark Lucas82£23
Brian Holland81£14

February 2015

Geoff Escott6£46
Brian Holland56£23
R Kendrick-Thomas18£14

January 2015

Roger Berry64£46
Bill Fleming33£23
Kate Chapman14£14

Xmas 2014

DS Hanlon113£61
Alan Forfar76£30
Ian Heustice9£18

RULES FOR THE 200 CLUB – Revised by Chris Bamford August 2016.

Individual numbers between 1 and 200 may be purchased for a monthly payment of £2.00 each, or £24/year.
Existing members of the 200 club will retain their current numbers and payments by Standing Order.
The remaining numbers may be purchased by payments made by Standing Order either monthly or annually.

There will be a monthly draw, and an extra "Grand Xmas Draw" is held in December each year.
This is a 50/50 scheme where 50% of the income will be paid as prize money, and 50% is passed to CRFC as part of their fund-raising efforts.

Prize money will be paid by cheque after the draw has taken place.
Only those numbers which are fully paid will be entered into the draw.
An individual may acquire as many numbers as he or she likes.
Any disputes will be resolved by the 200 Club secretary, with reference to the CRFC Chairman of Finance as a final recourse if necessary.