What are the SCRUFFS? (the men & women in pink!!)

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The SCRUFFS were founded in 1989 by a band of supporters, mostly ex-players, with the intent of raising money for the club that was trying to meet the challenges of the professional game. An important factor was that they had to have fun doing it. This objective remains at the core of the SCRUFFS to this day, who continue to help the club where possible, often from "behind the scenes". The question is often asked "Why Pink?" When the SCRUFFS was formed, the founder members wanted to create a recogniseable uniform - pullovers of course. Someone groaned "Not another NAVY one, can't we be different?" Billy White then chirped "Up in Ayrshire, one of our sides wears a very fetching shade of pink which everyone agrees is very distinctive". And so that is how the SCRUFFS came to be wearing pink!

SCRUFFS try to ensure maximum support for 1st XV home and away games, and help to bring together CRFC members and guests for the lunches prior to home games, usually in conjunction with the game sponsor. Lydia Rise and her team provide the catering for these occasions, and will be happy to quote you for private functions, weddings etc via - SCRUFFS also organise transport and lunch for many of the away games. Some matches each year are nominated as "Target" matches where all SCRUFFS are asked to attend. The SCRUFFS has a code of conduct which all SCRUFFS are obliged to follow. Failure to observe various "rules" leads to a fine being paid into the "Pink Box", which helps towards raising funds for the club.

The SCRUFFS is an equal opportunities organisation. Membership is open to all sexes, religious persuasions, nationalities and in particular all members of Camberley RFC who are not averse to wearing the "pinks". It is NOT an alternative to CRFC membership, more a way to donate something extra to the club, as well as your usual membership costs. These extra donations are passed to the main part of the club, along with funds raised by Predict-a-Score and social events, to be used as decided by the club's committee. Singing is not obligatory, but often takes place after matches, irrespective of the result. The picture above shows some SCRUFFS enjoying Christmas Carols!!

SCRUFFS help to arrange many of the social functions at CRFC, raising funds for the club in the process. These typically include 2 Quiz Nights, a Comedy Night, Burns Supper, and Irish Party Night. These are intended for the enjoyment of all club members and their guests, and to help boost activity for the bar and catering side of the club. Details of social events are displayed on the club's notice boards, and website, and will also be sent out to members by e-mail from time to time, through the club's "Touchline" mailing, ably run by Nick Floyd.

See above a SCRUFFS gathering prior to one of the Summer Dinners held at the end of each season.

For the 2016/17 Season: Camberley RFC 1st XV will be playing their league games in London 2 South-West. SCRUFFS policy is to provide pitch-side support at both home and away games, attend the pre-game lunches at Camberley RFC and at away clubs, where lunch is available, otherwise we seek suitable locations to meet before the game.

Home league games: CRFC invites visiting committees and club supporters to join Camberley members and their guests at the pre-game lunches that are arranged before each home league game. SCRUFFS help to boost numbers for these fun occasions, to which all club members and their guests are of course welcome.

Club Socials: SCRUFFS arrange some of the club's social events, together with others in the club, the overall plan being to provide good entertainment at reasonable cost, for all club members and their guests, and raise a little money for the club in the process. Information about these events will show on the club's website beforehand, and is also sent out on a regular basis by Harry, and through "Touchline" but if you require more details now, or have good ideas for an event you would like to help organise, please contact Harry as shown at the foot of this page.

SCRUFFS Kit: Wear the "pink & black" and be identified! We have golf-style caps, quartered long-sleeved shirts, polo shirts, bow-ties, and very smart blazers ans waistcoats. Please contact Doug Fish (Quartermaster) with your size and requirements for any of the above.

SCRUFFS "Overseas" Tours: Over the years, SCRUFFS have supported the 1st XV for both home and away matches, including for two seasons when we had to fly "overseas" to Guernsey, which in both cases resulted in 3-day round trips. We have subsequently enjoyed long trips to Sandown & Shanklin (overseas) Bognor and Portsmouth (by the sea!) and several other places quite far from the sea, but with similar results, lots of FUN and camaraderie over the course of a few days, and a chance to support our First XV in style. This season's tour took place in sunny Reigate in late March, with most spending 2 or 3 nights at the Travelodge in Dorking, with local entertainment in both Dorking and Reigate.

Looking ahead - Some useful "home" dates for all club members:

Friday 2nd June: SCRUFFS Summer Dinner, to be held once again at the Crooked Billet in Hook. Menu options to be sent out nearer the time, but please note the date in your diaries now.

Saturday 17th June: Camberley RFC's Summer Dinner & Dance. to be held this year at Pine Ridge Golf Club. Tickets are £50/head, and are now available by logging onto the club's TeamSnap system available to club members, but if that's a problem and you would like to join the SCRUFFS tables, please let me know.

Have your say: This page is being edited by Harry Fish, (current Chairman of SCRUFFS) with a view to receiving relevant information from SCRUFFS and any other members of Camberley Rugby Club who wish to support SCRUFFS in their activities. If you wish to post up new ideas, or need more information, please e-mail Harry Fish: or call landline: 01276-423928, or phone/text: 07550-088068. Many thanks.


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