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Camberley RFC Honours Club

The exact date of the founding of the CRFC Honours Club is not recorded, though the likely year of our establishment is 1975, with the minutes of a meeting held on the 4th June 1977 being the first on record, as noted by Denis Cowley. Now in this year of 2015, we can say with some safety that we are forty years “young”. In those far off days the concept of “Honours” was introduced by the club chairman and secretary at the time – Tony Carter and Roger Chamberlain. They spawned the idea of an Honours Club, then asked Harry Gibson and Denis Cowley to start it off.

Of these Honours founders and of course club worthies, Tony, Harry and Roger went on to become Presidents of Camberley RFC.

The Honours Club was formed to ensure inclusion of members of the rugby club who have made significant contributions towards its welfare in all aspects and in any capacity whatsoever over the years. They are thus true club supporters not just because of their membership but because they understand inherently what the rugby club is all about and where its priorities lie. Thus they surely at all times have the very best interests of Camberley RFC at heart.

Members are elected following recommendation then approval from existing members. The Honours Club has no constitution, nor does it exist to gather funds as with many organisations. Yet it does hold modest reserves in order to assist in the event of a deserved rugby need should such an occasion arise.

Such organisations as ours do need a chairman and secretary. From the start Harry Gibson and Denis were chairman and secretary respectively.

Harry Gibson was chairman from 1975 - 1980 when he departed to Holland at which time Bill Gill took over until 1988. Then Roger Berry (another CRFC President) took over as Chairman until 1995 at which time Neil Doody became Chairman, a post that he holds to this day.

In 1979 Denis moved to Kent, so Neil took on the secretary’s role for 12 years until 1991, at which time Harry Fish took on the role for two years until 1993, when Brian Crampin also entered a two year stint. Poor health meant Brian had to cease in 1995, when John Pendleton became secretary for one year. John handed back the secretary’s role to Neil in 1996. Neil continues to carry out this role as well as that of Chairman.

Although virtually all our main club presidents, chairmen and secretaries have been members of the Honours Club it is stressed that membership is very much widened in order to be consistent throughout the rugby club.

The Honours Club meets on an informal basis by agreement from time to time. These meetings are normally held in the clubhouse. However, on 11th December 1994, under the guidance of Brian Crampin, we held a meeting en route to France in the exotic surrounds of the bar in the P & O ferry “The Pride of Kent”!! In our 40 years existence we have constantly strived to ensure the well being of the rugby club as a priority and certainly intend to continue in this vein in the long term.

In a nutshell the Camberley RFC Honours Club is an informal organisation comprised of people who have in their own way made a significant contribution to the rugby club in any capacity, and over a period of years. They are people who inherently understand what the rugby club is about and where its priorities lie. They always have the best interests of the rugby club at heart.

The Honours members meet informally to discuss any and all issues surrounding the main club, and seek to lend any support, experience and expertise in order to assist the rugby club in any way possible.

Current Chairman and Secretary: Neil Doody (CRFC President 1990 to 1993)


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